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SK Chic ( Fashion & Clothing Line)

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Project Description

This local business came to us in with a complete clean slate looking to build a brand new company. The owner a fashionista who by trade was in the medical industry needed a fresh start that resided within her passion for apparel. We took the client into our standard consultation phase and had absolutely amazing results. From developing the new business name “SK Chic” then translated into the creation of the logo and branding of the business. With a very edgy and unique style of fashion we began working on the client’s print advertising. The print work as well as branding we utilized the latest in Adobe software to have the best look and feel for the highly visual market. The next aspect of the project moved swiftly into the web.

SK chic is built on a powerful wordpress platform in which we incorporated a solid e-commerce structure to handle mass product updates as well as a streamline approach to photo implementation. While developing the site we worked scheduled and performed a complete professional photoshoot for the entire fall season wear. Having professional product shots with cast models improved upon the overall aesthetic of the site as well as in the marketing materials that formed from this production. Once the site was complete the next phase was an enhanced digital marketing campaign.

A tremendous amount of work went into the development of this online marketing campaign with a heavy focus on social media marketing as well as local advertisement structuring. Positioning the company with many partnership opportunities as well as affiliate marketing strategies enabled the company to be in the “Black” every quarter since the inception of the business. We are proud to have built such an amazing project for one of our happiest customers!