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Ready to get to work? Great! Gramily offers monthly service plans and project-based services.

Just have one or a few projects for us to work on? No problem.

One of the Gramily account managers will work with you to understand your business and your goals. Gramily will then deliver a detailed proposal and tweak the details with you until you’re happy. Throughout the project, your account manager will keep in close contact and make sure work is being completed to your expectations.

Have more than a few projects? Need to contact the team weekly or even daily? We’re here for you.

Really experience what Gramily has to offer with our bespoke monthly service plans. Monthly plans include dedicated account managers and designers, weekly progress reports, unlimited calls to discuss your projects, unlimited revisions on design work and more!

Sample Monthly Service Plans

Design Package

Package includes: 10 hours of Graphic Design Work. Unlimited Consultations and Revisions.

Web Package

Package includes: 10 hours of Web Design Work; on-site Search Engine Optimization – Keyword Research, titles, meta descriptions, (5 hours); 3 Social Media posts per week; Online Reputation Management (1 hour).

Online Marketing Package

Package includes: SEO (10 hours); Re-Marketing Program; Content Marketing (5 hours); 4 Social Media posts/week; E-mail Marketing (1 email per month).

Full Service Package

Package includes: Web design (10 hours); Graphic Design (5 hours); SEO (10 hours); Re-marketing Program; Content Marketing (5 hours); 5 Social Media Posts/week; E-mail Marketing (2 emails per month); Press Release.


All packages are customizable, to meet the needs of your business. Need more info? Let’s have a chat. Call the Gramily at 1-954-670-3254

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